Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Playing catch-up

This is a quilt that my MIL requested for Christmas. She brought a fabric sample with colors to match and said that she wanted it as a wall hanging. Batiks I thought would be perfect for her. It is very different from the fabrics and patterns that I normally choose, but I really enjoyed making it. She says that she loves it and it is now hanging in the guest room. It is from this pattern Quilts by Berkshire. I adjusted the size so it is wall hanging size.

As I'm in catch up mode, I thought I'd throw in a few more things from earlier in the year. My daughter was having a pirate party at school. I thought, "Great!" We already have a pirate costume that I made for another party! " Then she informed me that she wanted to be a parrot for the party. Oh. So I came up with this costume after a quick trip to the fabric store to buy a bit of every color felt they had, cut some quick wing shapes and attached them to and old red turtle neck shirt. They had some feathery red cord that I hot glued to a headband. I wanted to attach a beak to the headband as well, but she vetoed the idea. She loved the finished costume though!

My daughter had a friend to play on a rainy day so I came up with a quick craft. I bought small canvases at the craft store and the girls decorated them with paint, fabric scraps, and sequins. EVERY craft in our house seems to need sequins.
Over Christmas the girls were at grandma's house and said they needed glitter for a project they were working on. They were shocked when she said she did not have any and that day was considered a challenging one as they had to craft with no sparkles! Oh, the hardship!
Anyway, the canvases are perfect to hang in our playroom - I was really pleased at how nice they looked when they were finished.

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  1. i love the way the pattern sort of escapes from the boarder, i hope your MIL loves it- what a lovely gift