Saturday, 23 May 2009

spring green finally finished!

I've finally finished my Spring Green quilt! I was stalled by three family birthdays and two sets of visitors, but was finally able to finish. I've been waiting for good weather to go outside for photos, but it has been hard to come by lately so I gave up. The colors look much duller in the photos than in real life.
I especially like the way the back turned out on this one. I learned that making wonky-ish squares is harder than it looks! I seem to naturally veer away from wonkyness.

Can't wait to curl up under it tonight!


  1. The colours look so fresh! It looks lovely.

  2. I absolutely love it!! I do think it's quite possibly your best yet. :) YM

  3. its beautiful, so fresh and clean looking

  4. Oh, I love this. Such subtle colors, it's really pretty. And the backing is great too.